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02 Artificial Pearl Comb Hairstyle

02 Artificial Pearl Comb Hairstyle: Creating a unique hairstyle using an artificial pearl comb can be a beautiful and elegant way to accessorize your hair. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve this:

Materials Needed:

  • Artificial pearl comb-1 piece
  • Rubber band-3 pcs


Start with clean, dry, and detangled hair. If you’re planning to create a more intricate hairstyle, consider curling or straightening your hair before beginning.


If you feel too tired to read the below article, you can watch the same hairstyle video for you.

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Step1:After taking a strand of left and right hair, fix it to the center of the hair and tie it with a rubber band.


Step 2: The index finger on the rubber band, and the thumb grabs the hair and passes through the rubber band from bottom to top.

Pull the left and right hair taut.


Step 3:Grab all the hair up to the neck and tie it with a rubber band.


Step 4:At the end of the hair, tie it with a rubber band.


Step 5:Grab the ends of the hair and flick them inwards with the rubber band. Form into small ball shapes.


Step 6:After pinching, fix the bottom rubber band up to the center of the hair.


Step 7:Arrange the hair below into a semicircle shape.


Step 8:Hold the half-circle hairstyle with the left hand, insert the back of the comb in the right hand into the semi-circle, and fix it to the center of the hair.

Remember, the artificial pearl comb can be a stunning focal point of your hairstyle. Experiment with different placements and styles until you achieve the unique look you desire.

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